Same and Different Worksheets for Kids

Have you ever take the kid to use public transportation such as bus, train, ship or plane? While using those public transportation, we usually have to wait until departure. What will we do if the kids get bored while waiting in long periods?

Using worksheet to blow up the time is a good choice. Here, we prepare same and different worksheets in a good quality and definition. It can be save and print easily.


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After printing the same and different worksheets for kids, you have to explain the direction clearly. Use simple sentence and make the kids understand the way to do the worksheets. If they seem understand the direction yet, you can give an example. You can use different worksheet to give an example.


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The kids will enjoy do the task while waiting the public transportation. While they do the same and different worksheet, you can examine how well the kids can differentiate things. Give praises or some presents to encourage the kids when they finish the worksheets.


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A good time with the kids can be done with a fun worksheet. It is really good materials to increase the kids’ ability on recognize things. Have a wonderful day with the kids.