Mummies Pictures for Kids

Have your kids watched ‘Hotel Transylvania’ movies? The movies contain many invisible creatures or ghost. One of the invisible creatures is mummy. The mummy in the movies describe as a big fat cute creature in a bandage.

If the kids love the mummy, we have collected the mummies pictures which have high quality and definitions. You can simply do the right click to save and print it.


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The mummies pictures are available in black and white. The pictures can be printed in a large size and still appear clearly. The kids can color the pictures and have a quality times with the things they like. They can color the pictures based on the movies or based on their imaginations.


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Make sure to print the mummies pictures in a thick paper. If you use a thin paper, the pictures can possibly be tearing when the kids do the coloring while playing. You have to prepare the coloring pen as well.


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Looks so fun, right? The kids will spend their time in a fun ways. They can also improve their art sense ability. Have a great day with the kids. Please look forward for other fun material we will post soon.