Frog Word Search for Kids

Have your kids ever seen a jumping frog in the real live? Are they get curious about the green animals who they saw in the pool? How far they knowledge about the animal called frog? Let’s get to know more about frog by doing some activity using frog word search for kids.

This word search contains many words related to the frog habit and environment. Print it fast and make the kids do the rest.

frog word search activity

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Using the frog word search is very easy. You just have to print it in a large size then prepare some pens. You can also use coloring pen to make the activity more fun. Explain the directions to the kids in a simple sentences. When the kids seem do not understand about what should they do, give some example using other word search.

frog word search page

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frog word search fun

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After the kids finish doing the frog word search, examine they works. Are they can get all of the words correctly. Then ask them what is the terms mean. They can use their own language to describe each meaning of the term.

frog word search practice

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Seems fun, isn’t it? Learning is more meaningful through fun activities. Find other fun materials that we will post soon.