Count by 4s for Elementary Students

How was your kids’ day? What about their study? Do they have any difficulty and some problem on math subject? Here we have some count by 4s for elementary students that will help them to understand the math better. The kids will do some counting activity that focus on number 4.

When they know the component or other number that related to four, the will have the basic concept for the other numbers. Check the worksheet in the following pictures.

count by 4s fun

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This activity that based on the count by 4s can be used by kids under seven years old. This age is appropriate for the first learning numbers. If they already know the basic concept of the numbers, they will be a better math problem solver.

count by 4s practice

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count by 4s page

image via count by 4s page

count by 4s printable

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Using the worksheets of count by 4s is very simple. Print the materials in a large size by doing some simple right clicks. Then prepare some pens to do the task. Explain the direction in simple sentence and give some example to make them understand what they should do.

count by 4s worksheet

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count by 4s chart

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Do more practice if they seem to need it. Have a nice day in learning math.