Aquascape Journal with Riccia Fluitans Carpet

Hello everyone! Nice to meet you. Our first article about aquascaping hobby is Aquascape Journal with Riccia Fluitans Carpet.

Riccia or also known as crystalwort is actually a floating plant. But in this scape we want to set this plant as a carpet plant. Beautiful plant as a carpet because this plant is easily pearling (photosynthesis) when it set on a medium to high light tank.

aquascape journal 4 weeks

So first of all we want to describe the current setup of our tank, as listed below:


  • Nano tank size 40cmx25cmx25cm (25L)
  • Lighting 18W x 2 spiral lamp 6500K
  • Chiller 2x8cm fans, final water temperature around 24’C-26’C
  • Stainless steel ram to make a Riccia carpet
  • Citric acid DIY Co2 system, set on 0,5bps flow rate
  • 2in1 CO2 diffuser ( diffuser+bubble counter)
  • 300lph hang on filter
  • Ferti*ne macro and micro liquid fertilizer
  • Liquid carbon for additional carbon dosing

Hardscape and Soil

  • Malang sand for the main substrate
  • Organic soil fertilizer under the main sand
  • Besi Stone and Bintang Stone for the hardscape


  • Riccia Fluitans (Crystalworts). Make a sandwich layer of this plants on a stainless steel mesh ram as a carpet plant.
  • Babytears (beautiful pearling plant as a background plant)
  • Mayaca sp


  • Cardinal Tetra
  • Amandae Tetra ( Amber Tetra)
  • Guppy
  • Horned Nerite Snail

full grown aquascape riccia carpet

Lets begin our journal then! First day, we set up my tank with hardscaping and make a design layout. We choose an Iwagumi style for our nano tank, because of its elegance and simplicity. This iwagumi layout will accentuate on a rock layout and a carpet plant itself.

Preparation and Hardscape Sketching

preparation riccia moss carpet

hardscape layout aquascape preparation

First Day Layout: Full Tank Shot

first day aquascape riccia iwagumi

First week, we periodically have a water change 30% every other day to maintain the water condition. No liquid fertilizer addition on this time. On this period, no fish at this tank yet, just some nerite horn snails to keep the plant and glass free from green spot algae.

First Week Full Tank Shot

first week aquascape riccia carpet

Second week, we start to dosing a macro liquid fertilizer to boost up the growth of our plant. Water change routine twice a week 30%. Unfortunately, in this week we have to remove the Mayaca sp plants because of its fast growing and make the layout unbalance.

Riccia Pearling on High Light

Riccia crystalwort pearling aquascape

Week 3-4 we decrease the intensity of water change to once a week at 50%. Starting to add the fishes :-). At the end of the month, dont forget to trim your plant to keep it low and good looking. Finally, a great setting of iwagumi style planted tank with riccia carpet.

Final Shot: Full Grown Riccia Carpet


Hope you enjoy this short planted tank journal. If you have any question feel free to contact us via email or contact us pages. Have a nice day and keep this world green.