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Color by Number Hidden Picture Free

Do your kids love to coloring? Or do you need a media to guide their color practice? You can use color by number hidden picture as media for coloring for free. Not only for coloring media, but it is also can be a guiding for your kids to color. This worksheet will provide several pictures as kids media to color.

Not only that, the picture will be divided into several parts which is helping them to easily give the colors. It is also provide a guiding number for each part of the picture so kids will know what color they should use for each part.

color by number hidden picture activity

image via www.activityshelter.com

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Baseball Word Games Free

Do your kids loves sport especially baseball? Or do your kids play the baseball? If yes, you can have baseball word games free for your kids! Besides they can play baseball game outside, they could play games from worksheets as their daily activity. Baseball games have a lot of terms to understand.

If your kids a baseball player, it is important for them to know the term. You can use the worksheets to help them know baseball’s terms. If your kid is not a baseball player but they love the games, you can use the worksheet to accompany their activity.

baseball word games activity

image via www.pinterest.com

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