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Free Shape Worksheets for Fun Learning

Shapes are everywhere around our household. It will be necessary to tell the kids about the shapes early. Free shape worksheets will help the kids to know the shapes’ name in a fun way. You can tell the name of the shapes based on the picture given. The picture has high quality and definition that can be saved and printed freely.

free shape worksheets for kids

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Kids Cars and Parts for Car Lovers

Car is one of private transportation which commonly liked by kids. Many different unique forms of the car make the kids fall in love with it. There are also many toy cars produced to fulfill the kids’ desire. Beside the toys, we have printable picture for the car lovers. The pictures of kids cars and parts have selected which have good quality and definition. You can easily save and print them in large size.


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Times Table Drills for Math Practice

Having a fun math practice is not really difficult because there are many sources about it. Today, we are going to learn about multiplication. More practices make better. So that we have prepared many time table drills for your kids. The kids will experience fun activities in multiplication. You can easily save and print it because it has good quality and definitions.


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3 Addends Worksheet Printable for Kids

Having fun while learning math is the best way to make to make the kids like the subject. Many kids get scared and do not like math than the other subjects. Here, we have prepared 3 addends worksheet for learning math better. You can save and print it for your kids freely. It has high quality and definition as well.


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Clock Face Templates for Easy Learning

Making something easy and fun for kids while learning are must. Today, we are going to learn about how to tell the time. Clock face template will help the kids to understand the time well. It has high quality and definitions which can be save and print freely. You can use the template to make the kids be aware of the time.


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Math Is Fun Worksheets 2016

How to study math with easy step and fun? In this article we will give you some of worksheets that might be worked for your kids to be able to learn math in fun.

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Skip Count by 5 Worksheet 2016

Welcome to our article that might can help your children to learn math in skip count with ease and fun.

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Times Tables 1-100 Printable

Welcome to our article about times tables. This is free article useful for your kid’s education. Times tables 1-100 is a free article that is teaching about multiplication to your kids in early age.

times tables 1-100 table

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Times Table Chart for Elementary School

Times table chart for Elementary School is a free article for kids to learn about calculating numbers especially about multiplying from 0 to 25.

times table charts 1-25

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Tally Chart Worksheets

This is a free article about tally charts. It is suitable for kids on learning to count. Tally charts worksheet is a specific worksheet for children to learn more about sorting data and managing it into tally charts.

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